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Types of Pruning
When you hire a tree trimmer, is he doing what is best for your trees, or is he doing what is easiest and quickest, to benefit himself? Is he using proper pruning techinques in working with your trees? Is his work in compliance with city and/or county codes, or in compliance with the specific terminology of your contract? Do not make costly mistakes. Let me act on your behalf, as your consulting arborist, so you do not have to worry about these technical matters.

There are many variety of pruning strategies available to be performed on your trees.  Yet knowing which is the proper cut for your trees is a different story. Each method is available to serve a specific purpose.

For canopy trees, the following methods of pruning are available:

Crown Clean--the removal of water sprouts (better known as suckers)
                        and dead, dying, diseased, crossing, and hazardous
                        branches from a tree

Crown Thin--the selective removal of unwanted branches and limbs to provide
                     light and/or air penetration through the tree, or to lighten the
                     weight of the remaining branches

Crown Reduction--method of reducing the height or spread of a tree by
                              performing appropriate pruning cuts

Structure Prune--pruning to establish a strong branch scaffold system

Elevation--the removal of lower limbs to avoid a hazardous condition through
                 contact with pedestrians, motor vehicles, or property

Vista Prune--the selective pruning to allow a view from a predetermined point

Palm trees normally just receive a standard trimming, (often called a 9 by 3, referring to the hands of a clock), including the removal of the seed pods.

A "Hurricane Cut" is highly frowned upon by cities, and it has been proven that this excessive pruning does more harm to the palm versus the perceived benefit it provides, especially in storm conditions.
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